The Nowergian College of Dance Participates in the ERASMUS+ Exchange Program, and has inter-intstitutional agreements with Anton Bruckner University in Linz Austria, Pôle Superieur D’enseignement Artistique Paris Boulogne-Billancourt / Centre IFPRO Rick Odums in Paris, France, Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Alicante in Spain, Academia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, Italy and the University of Lincon- UK. Furthermore, we aim to expand the program to include new cooperation partners, in additional countries.

Each year we select our two best qualified students in the final year of study in each major, modern/contemporary dance, and jazz dance, to attend a three month exchange in order to expand their educational horizon, make relevant international aquaintances, and experience other aspects of their chosen field in an international setting.

Likewise we welcome up to two incoming exchange students in each of the two majors, for a stay of up to one semester, in either the second or third and final year of study. Students may be housed in dorms run by the student union, SiO, or privately. The international coordinator's office offers all assistance necessary to incoming students. Erasmus students are encouraged to learn basic Norwegian, as this will facilitate their stay. We do, however, carry out all classes where Erasmus students are present in English, either concurrently or as the language of teaching. For this reason incoming exchange students must have a basic mastery of written and spoken English. Exams will also be carried out in English. Long-term students who wish to attempt classes or exams in Norwegian are welcome to do this.

At the satisfactory completion of an approved exchange program we will issue a full Transcript of records showing completed courses and including a grade sheet, or written evaluation, stating how many ECTS our institution has awarded. A Diploma Supplement will accompany the Transcript , and a letter of reccomendation may also be issued upon request. 

Applications must contain a proposed learning agreement approved by the home institution, a letter of motivation, and a short video showing the applicant's work.
Application deadlines for incoming Erasmus exchanges are:
- in the end of April for Fall Semester.
- in the end of October for the Spring Semester.

We offer exchange students courses in the 2nd or 3rd years of study only. See examples of third through sixt semester course contents by following the links below, these will be quite similar to the current semesters. Updated course contents are available internally at the start of the relevant semester.


Course overview

Third semester - second year of study

Fourth semester - second year of study

Fifth semester - third year of study

Sixth (and final) semester -third year of study


Our institution follows and adheres to the principles laid out in the Erasmus Student Charter

Mobility shall be carried out only within prior inter-institutional agreementsbetween the Institution and the organisations where the placements are carried out)

Our institution charges no fees to incoming Erasmus students.
(The official student union, however, has a mandatory fee, at this time set at NOK 550)

Full recognition shall be given to students for satisfactorily completed activities.


Links to our partner institutions:



For more information contact the International Coordinator\\'s Office:


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