«Performing on stage was overwhelming!»

«Performing on stage was overwhelming!»



«Performing on stage was overwhelming!»

Ágnes Antal is a dance student from Anton Bruckner University in Linz. She spent the spring semester as an exchange student with the 3rd year students - majoring in contemporary dance.

«Performing on stage was overwhelming!»

What was the biggest difference between studying at NDH and your university?  

- Besides a few smaller differences - larger studio sizes, smaller groups, different teachers - the most significant difference for me is that there are only Norwegian-speaking students at NDH while IDA is very international, and classes are held in English.

The Institute of Dance Arts (IDA) at Anton Bruckner Private University offers a bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance - Stage dance/Performance/Pedagogy. IDA combines the artistic and pedagogical qualifications of students. Around 80 students are currently enrolled at the Institute of Dance Arts, from backgrounds as diverse as Austria, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, France, China, South Korea, Japan, among others.

Photos: Camilla Storvollen
 Why did you want to come to study as an exchange student at NDH?

- Since I got to know students from NDH coming on exchange to IDA, I saw that they all showed high technical skills and talent. This made me become intrigued about the school´s curriculum and made me apply to NDH.

What knowledge/skill-set do you think will be the main one you've acquired during these months? 

- Not just one but so many! My technique has improved both in Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Furthermore, I have grown in maturity - as a dancer, a performer and dancer.

«Emerging» choreographed by Athanasia Kannellopoulou (GR) Photo: Camilla Storvollen
"det er Natur" choreographed by Siri Jøntvedt (NO) Photo: Camilla Storvollen
What was your experience on stage at the graduation performance?

- Performing on stage was overwhelming. I had the privilege to dance in two amazing pieces. While one was choreographically and physically challenging, the other one demanded us to be highly aware and in tune as a group. The group I joined this semester is made up of strong artistically and technically trained dancers. I enjoyed every second performing together with them!

"det er Natur" choreographed by Siri Jøntvedt (NO) Photo: Camilla Storvollen
What are your plans for the near future?

I will return to Linz for my final performance at IDA, a solo entitled “Breathe”, and to write my bachelor thesis about “How Personality Affects Dancing”. My plans after that are not yet sure, I have many things on my heart and will see which ones will come to pass.


Each year NDH select the two best qualified students in the final year of study in each major, modern/contemporary dance, and jazz dance, to attend a three month exchange in order to expand their educational horizon, make relevant international aquaintances, and experience other aspects of their chosen field in an international setting.
Likewise we welcome up to two incoming exchange students in each of the two majors, for a stay of up to one semester, in either the second or third and final year of study.

Read more about the Erasmus exchange program here

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