Studentene på samtidsdansfordypning har innstudert det siste verket til helgens Avgangsforestilling med greske Athanasia Kanellopoulou.


Athanasia Kanellopoulou er koreograf, pedagog og danser med base i Athen. Hun arbeider internasjonalt som utøver med bl.a. Pina Bausch Tanzteater Wuppertal og Akram Khan og som koreograf i egne prosjekt og bestillingsverk for utdanninger og institusjoner.

Studentene på samtidsdansforsypning har jobbet med stykket gjennom improvisasjon i soloer, duoer og grupper. 

«Emerging deals with the concept of hope and faith that one has to follow amid uncertainty, loss or conflict. It’s a physical metaphor for a new map to another world, an open road to be taken, a new door to open. It is a deeper feeling than simple optimism, more mysterious, delicate and evanescent. It’s a piece that shows the ability to move forward and to remain determined despite failures and barriers—when we make efforts to change and improve what we can control.»

«Working with the dancers was a very creative, inspiring and meaningful process. After the improvised material became more ‘’set’’ and we tried to create more material based on the idea of emerging, evolving and on-going. We created an open and secure space, where we felt trusted with each other, so we could go deeper to the work.»


«Emerging takes the audience on a journey of pure physical and emotional states, where the restless energy of the dancers is the lever, which determines the actual time and space in a dynamic dance.»

Årets Avgangsforestilling er på Riksscenen 14. og 15. juni.


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