Ann Kristin Norum


Ann Kristin Norum is a former student at The Norwegian College of Dance. She has..

Ole Egeberg

Vice principal

Ole teaches estetic theory. He has previously worked at a number of universit..

Kari Hoaas

Associate professor, contemporary dance

Kari Hoaas has her formal education from Fagerborg High School, The Norwegian Op..

Katarina Bozic

Associate Professor in jazz dance

Katarina teaches Jazz dance and has her de..

Irene Velten Rothmund

Associate Professor in contemporary dance

Irene teaches contemporary dance, dance didactics, dance hist..

Andreas Bjørneboe

Associate Professor in contemporary dance

Andreas started his dance education at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg (Sweden)..

Trude Haugland

Assistant Professor in dance and dance didactics

Trude Haugland started her educational at Fagerborg High School, Kirkenær-linje..

Marit Skreiberg

Assistant Professor in dance pedagogy

Marit Skreiberg studied at the Ballet Institute (now NDH) earning her degree in ..

Ulrika Löfgren

Assistant Professor in music and song

Ulrika has her BA from the Academy of Opera in Oslo (KHiO), Operastudio -67 in S..

Katja Bjørneboe

Associate Professor in classical ballet

Katja was born in Zürich, Switzerland and is classically trained in ballet ..

Marit Krogeide

Karl-Erik is teaching classical ballet at NUCD. ..

Kristine Melby

College Lecturer

Kristine Melby is a graduate of the Bodø Community College, 3-year ballet modul..

Karl-Erik Nedregaard


Karl-Erik is teaching jazz dance at NUCD. ..

Hilde Rustad

Associate Professor

Hilde studied at the Art Academy in Amsterdam, Faculty School for New Dance Deve..

Hanne Vigeland Moen

Student advisor

Hanne Vigeland Moens is educated in sewing and fashion. She has over 20 years ex..

Camilla Sophie Storvollen

Communication Manager

Camilla has a bachelor‘s degree in Media Studies and a bachelor‘s de..

Hanne Kafri Andersen

Production coordinator
Responsible for perform..

Hanne has a bachelor‘s degree in travel and tourism from Lillehammer Universit..

Christian Santander

Technical consultant

Christian has a Bachelor degree equivalent from the University of Oslo in ethnol..

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